College Counseling

VIS has a college counselor on-site to support students through the college application process for both Taiwan and overseas universities.

VIS students can schedule one-on-one appointments with the college counselor to receive assistance on the following areas:



BridgeU升學平台(BridgeU Platform)


VIS students are automatically enrolled in BridgeU, an online platform to aid their university research and career development. 

BridgeU offers a range of personality assessment and career tools, which helps our students to understand who they are, their strengths and aspirations.

BridgeU also offers a university search tool to offers students personalized school recommendations based on factors such as the target country (US, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, etc.), major, size, etc. 

The VIS college counselor also uses BridgeU for the secure electronic sending of student transcripts and information to many US and Canadian universities. 

Whether it’s essay writing or compiling a recommendation letter, BridgeU helps our students get prepared for university application season.