Community Life

Time is running out. Stand up for the climate crisis. / 時間。不多了,為氣候危機站出來


Greenpeace Climate Change Event.

VIS Guitar Club students were invited to perform to support environmental protection and encourage young people to take action on climate change.Students gathered in the Ximending district to support Greenpeace’s "Time is running out, stand up for the climate crisis" event and call for joint action in Taiwan.

Greenpeace 綠色和平組織氣候變遷行動。



FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE - Elect a President Who Cares About Your Future / 選一個在乎你未來的總統


VIS students participated in the Youth Climate Advocacy press conference "FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE: Elect a President Who Cares About Your Future,” inspired by the “Strike for Climate” campaign launched by Greta Thunberg. The Green Gathering Club at National Central University and other environmental groups launched the "Vote for a President Who Cares About Your Future” petition, asking 2020 presidential election candidates to address the risks Taiwan faces in the face of a global warming, especially by proposing specific strategies that must include mitigation, adaptation, and a commitment to carbon reduction.

VIS同學參加「FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE 選一個在乎你未來的總統」 青年氣候倡議記者會,由瑞典女孩Greta Thunberg發起「為氣候罷課」行動,喚起世界對氣候變遷的關注,全球超過100個國家參與。中央大學綠聚人社等多個環境團體共同發起「選一個在乎你未來的總統」,連署要求2020總統大選候選人針對台灣在全球升溫1.5°C情境下面臨的風險,提出具體對策,必須包括減緩、調適、國家自主減碳承諾三大層面。




Women’s International Showcase of Entrepreneurs Day VIS students are invited to attend the WISE24, Women’s International Showcase of Entrepreneurs, make a pitch and performance.VIS students present on why VC's would be smart to invest in Taiwan.


VIS-WOMEN'S WISE24 video 完整影片