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Tgt We draw, Club

Club Leader: G11 Carol Hung

Art Club 藝術創作社

Club Leader: G11 Annie Pang

As the Art Club of our school, we aim to bring people together through our collective passion in art. To do this, this painting, Seven Cs of VIS, brings our art club together to create a painting to hang up in VIS’s walls! These C’s represent our school spirit, embodying 7 key characteristics: Caring, Communicative, Courageous, Collaborative, Creative, Curious, and Conscientious. We included language as our eighth section to allude to our international student body. Every section has its one signature color, where we chose to paint the colors of the rainbow, to showcase our inclusivity. Each art club member is responsible for one section of the painting, so they can exercise their own individual creativity, while within bounds on a monochromatic scale.
Our artwork aims to remind students of these virtues, along with decorating the school, livening up our school’s spirit. This is still a work of progress, and we’re excited to see how it turns out!

Popular Music Club 熱音社


Club Leader: G11 Sophie Yen

This semester, we invited students who love music and are interested in music culture. We have no regulations for club time. During our club time, we usually rent a place to practice our performances. We have drums, bass, guitar, and also vocals.

Japanese club日本文化研究社

Club Leader: G11 Ryuta Suzuki 

You can learn wonderful Japanese food and culture.  we are planning a Japanese summer festival at the end of the semester. Let's make it a place to share information about Japan!

Monday, After school: club date

Weightlifting Club 舉重俱樂部

Club Leader:  G11 StanleyP

Me and some other students who regularly enjoying going to the gym are creating a weightlifting club! We hope to act as a gateway for both new and experienced gym-goers to have the opportunity to share their love for the gym to the school community. We hope to meet once a week and lift weights together at people’s fitness (Taipei arena) (subjected to change)  We also hope to teach newcomers and allow them to be comfortable and safe within the gym. We welcome anyone with or without experience and we hope to start as soon as possible!

Gardening Club 園藝社

Club Leader:  G9 Chi

Welcome to the VIS gardening club. The club allows students to take care of plants in their free time and develop a sense of responsibility while decorating the campus.

歡迎大家參加園藝社 社團是想讓學生們在空閒時可以欣賞和照顧植物 在養成責任感的同時也可以美化校園

Model United nations 模擬聯合國  

Climate Startup 氣候創業俱樂部社團/S__105160932.jpg

News Room 新聞播報社

"Check more information更多資訊請看:

Trading card game 卡牌遊戲社

"Have you ever heard of the familiar cartoon "" Duel Monsters""? 

Duel Monsters is a ""trading card game"" which players collect and exchange the cards they want to make their own unique deck of cards to play against others, and now you have the opportunity to step into this dueling sanctuary!

Come to check more details!




Middle East and Northern Africa politics economics and culture research club 中東及北非政治經濟文化研究社

This club will mainly focus on the history and the international relations in the Middle East and the Northern Africa. 

You will learn these deep and meaningful knowledge by listening to gusts speaker every month. You can also know how to operate projects and collaborate with outside organizations. 

This club won’t require a lot of time to study. Welcome all grades students that are qualified to join.



VIS Ensemble / Band VIS 樂團

VIS String Ensemble and Jazz Band need you! Come join us and enjoy classy and jazzy crossover!


宜融老師自幼成長於英國,畢業於 #英國皇家音樂學院,主修小提琴,副修豎笛,熱愛音樂教育,演奏風格多元,擅長跨界演出,教學經驗豐富且極具耐心。

樂團每週二課後固定排練,前幾次的練習,同學們都在各式不同的曲目試奏中度過,也藉此培養彼此的默契。我們的音樂將橫跨 #古典#爵士#流行,期待宜融老師與VIS樂團的孩子們共同創造精彩的火花,希望在達到making music together 的渴望下,也將這份熱情與感動分享給身邊認識、不認識的朋友。

VIS Ensemble & Band 需要大家的鼓勵!歡迎任何公益邀請(慈善機構、醫療院所、公益活動), 也歡迎私人邀約或商演!



▪︎ 畢業於英國契天音樂學校(Chetham's School of Music)

▪︎ 畢業於英國皇家音樂學院(Royal Academy of Music)碩士班

▪︎ 獲得英國皇家音樂學院高級演奏文憑(Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music)


▪︎ Teach For Taiwan 屏東偏鄉部落小學英文及音樂教師

▪︎ 寰宇電視台主播

Victory I Sight Newsletter Club 新聞社

NewsLetter Club will be a club where students who are interested in journalism and writing can gain experiences writing short entries, interviewing people, researching modern news, persuading others and writing about issues you care about, etc. We will meet once every week to write a monthly newsletter with two to three pages and have it shared online. Please join us in room 6C every Thursday to enjoy the fun of writing.

*things we will include in our newsletter

1. 2-3 global news/issue summary, your thoughts, and opinions

2. 1 Taiwan news/issue summary, your thoughts, and opinions

3. 1 comic strip

4. 1 survey or interview

5. 1 entertainment/global issue story, article, review, etc





1. 2-3篇'的全球化新聞或議題摘要,要有自己的想法與意見

2. 1篇台灣新聞或議題,要有自己的想法與意見

3. 1 篇連環漫畫


5. 1篇娛樂或全球議題故事、文章、評論等等


Frisbee 飛盤社社團/S__12443716.jpg社團/S__12656646.jpg

Basketball 籃球社

Welcome everyone to join the VIS Basketball team!

Our coach is from Pauian sports star Yuan Jiale. We hope we could schedule a time to practice after school. We will hold some games with other schools sometimes. Welcome to check more details.




Badminton 羽球社

Horse Riding 馬術社

Student Achievements:

Amami Asato 

- 3rd prize of National Equestrian Championships Show Jumping over 100cm

- 5th place of National Equestrian Championships Show Jumping over 110cm



Guitar 吉他社社團/吉他社.png

Ballet 芭蕾舞社社團/芭蕾1.jpg

Documentary 紀錄片研究社社團/紀錄片社.jpg

Board Game 桌遊社社團/桌遊.png社團/73324899_2996608383896890_6553883565552041984_o.jpg

Art 美術社社團/art2.jpg社團/89210046_3147106468847080_7401661211579777024_o.jpg

Japanese Culture 日本文化研究社社團/日文2.jpg社團/日文社.jpg

Dessert 點心社

Dessert 烘焙社

Multi-Sports 動動社

Hiking 登山社社團/hiking.jpg

Pool 撞球社

Billiard requires patience, strategies, and skills. Playing billiard after school is a great way to reduce stress


Swimming 游泳社社團/2017112900000000002_floor_banner_04.jpg