2022 PBL Exhibition

2022 - 2023 PBL Exhibition

A Complete You Exhibition - G9 PBL Exhibition

A Complete You's mission is to use educational media to promote healthy, fulfilling lives. This group is composed of our latest Grade 9 cohort and is their first introduction into PBL. Our first semester has laid the foundational skills needed to create, organize, evaluate, and share products with the community. We are exploring the impact media and psychology can have on the lives of those around us. With media, we have scripted, filmed, edited, and critiqued short film content revolving around Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, which is our psychological framework for this year. Students are getting practical experience in drafting and revising work to better engage and enthuse their audiences. 


Our exhibition will give the chance to see creations including:


Catalyst for Change - G10 PBL Exhibition

Catalyst for Change is a PBL project asking students to bring together three very different subject areas: Chemistry, Civics, and Visual Art. G10 students have been working hard all semester to answer and explore the question: “How do we design a more just and sustainable world?” Beyond the experiments, creations, and research done in the classroom, students have been taking their learning into their own hands by creating project proposals that build on our three subject areas to support the hands-on work of a community partner. We’ve been amazed by the range of ideas our students have developed and want to invite family, friends, and community members to come check out the hard work our G10 has been doing—and their ideas of how to take this work to the next level. 

What can you expect to see at our exhibition?

Engineering & Environmental Science - G11、G12 PBL Exhibition

Our PBL, E & E group-Project Green Thumb, asks six groups of students to provide solutions to issues our community partner, Garden 91, has raised. The students do this by combining engineering and environmental science. Through research, discussions with Garden 91, and site visits, the students have chosen projects that seek solutions for biological mosquito controls, mental health, and gardening in the city. To assist them in accomplishing their goals, the students have learned different skills such as 3D modelling, research & report writing, and landscape drawings. 

So, what projects will you see in our exhibition? Their projects include Green therapy doing floral design, mosquito busters, vertical gardening, sustainable construction, and soil control education.

VIS Radio - G11、G12 PBL Exhibition

VIS Radio is a collaboration between media production studies and marketing. Through interdisciplinary workshops, students have gained an understanding of how to produce and broadcast compelling content while managing a brand.


As a media organization of filmmakers, editors, marketers, project managers, and audio specialists, students explored how to make an impact in their community through a social medium. 


The project is at its midpoint and students will be showing their initial concepts for media channels, videos produced for their community partner, and some other projects they have been working on this semester. They have been working hard to put together an exciting exhibition, and we look forward to seeing you there!