Chancellor's Welcome

Welcome to VIS Experimental High School. VIS is a school built on a vision. Our vision grows from a passionate belief in the importance of a classical education and noble virtues, experienced in a setting of Project/Problem Based Learning (PBL). Our nurturing, supportive community of students and scholars believes such an education is the surest path, the firmest foundation, upon which to build a life.

We are a diverse and culturally rich school community. In our Junior High School and High School, we have professional teachers representing approximately 12 nations. Our students come from 15 different nationalities, including Taiwan, the United States, Canada, France, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Pakistan, Italy, and Africa. Every day on campus brings fresh learning from different cultures and perspectives. Friendships forged here span continents and often endure for a lifetime.

Challenging our students to high academic and ethical standards, our Junior High School and High School faculty and staff members play active roles as teachers, advisors, coaches, councilors, trip leaders, and mentors. All are dedicated professionals, ready to make the most of both the place and the people of VIS.

One of my major goals as Chancellor is to ensure that we continue to stress and highlight the things like: academic excellence, the arts, beauty, the development of good character, service, civility, good manners, compassion, and respect.

As you review the words and images of this website, I invite you to imagine for yourself how our combination of place, people, and principles offers students a unique community in which to grow into their best selves. We hope you will consider bringing your talents to VIS in Taipei, Taiwan.