Summer Program

2023 CIC English Credit Course Program 

Great news!! 
VIS Partner school-CIC is offering an in-person English Credit Course this summer to VIS students with different levels from ESL to 3U, 6 levels in total. In this course, students can boost their overall English proficiency quickly and effectively.

This course is open to students of all grades in VIS senior high section.

★ Duration of the course: July 2-July 29 (based on the Canadian calendar)
★ Advantages: After completing the course and passing the exam, students will earn one credit from CIC.

2023 Junior High Summer Camp

Welcome to Columbia International College’s Summer Camp program  A total learning, skills acquiring and cultural experience in Canada


CIC provides the ESL to 3U different levels of English class for VIS students in summer vacation. You need to have self-learning after school about four hours. This summer course opens for every gardes of senior students to sign up.

English as a Second Language Courses (ESL) 5 Levels:

AO / BO / CO / DO / EO & Academic English ENG 3U


★Course date in Taiwan:2022/07/06 - 2022/07/29 (Online)

★Course time in Taiwan:Monday to Friday 8:00-11:00a.m.

★課程結束後,通過測驗將會獲得一個 #安大略省教育局核可的高中英文學分????

VIS 2021 Summer Program 1 of 4  暑期課程四之一

Online Reading Seminar 

1. Goal: The short-term goal is to cultivate the ability of thinking, critical, reading and discussion. The medium-term goal is to improve the ability of spoken and written English. The long-term goal is to shape the students from the inside out to be willing to admit students to the world's top universities, and have a profound understanding of global multiculturalism. And broad awareness.

2. Students must prepare relevant reading materials (including finding materials) before going to class, take turns to give oral reports on stage every week, and actively participate in discussions.

3. All classes are taught in English, using audio-visual reading materials in English. If the textbooks used in class are not for public use, they need to be purchased separately. After the participating students purchase it by themselves or purchase them in a unified manner, the cost will be paid by the participating students.

4. In order to ensure the quality of discussion, this course adopts small class teaching (4 people start the class, 6 people are the upper limit

5. If there are more than two absences (regardless of the reason) or poor participation in class (including oral reports and discussions), the instructing professor may refuse individual students to attend class during the semester, in order to maintain the quality of class and the learning rights of other students. There is no refund.

6. At the end of the class, students submit a final report, and the instructor will give feedback to the students orally or in writing before the beginning of the next semester.

7. The teacher will handle the recommendation letter or suggest that students contribute to academic conferences and other related matters in accordance with academic ethics and conventions.


Teacher: Allen Li form NYU Abu Dhabi

Date:7/7~8/25, Every Wednesday 15:30-17:30

Class limit: more than 4 students

This class is online class.Will use Google Meet to do the class.











指導教師:NYU阿布達比 李瑞中教授

上課日期: 7/7~8/25,每週三下午3:30-5:30


本課程為線上授課討論,會使用Google Meet進行線上課程。

VIS 2021 Summer Program 2 of 4  暑期課程四之二


Group classes on Monday and Wednesday mornings and  in the afternoons, they will take turns to have one- on- one sessions with the teacher.Each session would last approximately 30-45 mins, and the student will have 2 sessions per week. If you wants to stay after morning classes to wait for their afternoon sessions, you can stay in a classroom and work quietly on your own studies. Every Friday afternoon will be the mock test which last about 3.5 hours.


Teacher: Lydia

Date: 7/12-8/6

Class limit: 3~5 students

Materials: Official Guide to the TOEFL iBT Test and online mock test(website will be provided to the students)

Online Plan: Same schedule but use Zoom or Google Meet to do the online class.







指導老師: Lydia老師

上課日期: 7/12- 8/6

班級限制: 3~5人,3人以上開班


網課計畫:  上課行程相同,會使用Zoom或Google Meet進行線上課程與下午的一對一時間。

VIS 2021 Summer Program 3 of 4  暑期課程四之三


Group classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and in the afternoons, you will take turns to have one- on- one sessions with the teacher. Each session would last approximately 30-45 mins and the students will have 2 sessions per week.If you wants to stay after morning classes to wait for their afternoon sessions, you can stay in a classroom and work quietly on your own studies. Every Friday morning will be the mock test which last about 2 hours.


Teacher: Lydia

Date: 7/13-8/6

Class limit: 3~5 students

Materials: 10 Practice Tests for the SAT by the Princeton Review and Kaplan 8 Practice Tests for the SAT:1200+ Practice Questions

Online Plan: Same schedule but use Zoom or Google Meet to do the online class.


SAT 加強班





指導老師: Lydia老師

上課日期: 7/13- 8/6

班級限制: 3~5人,3人以上開班

上課教材:Kaplan 8 Practice Tests for the SAT+ 練習題

網課計畫: 上課行程相同,會使用Zoom或Google Meet進行線上課程與下午的一對一時間。

VIS 2021 Summer Program 4 of 4  暑期課程四之四


Level A: IELTS<5.5

Classes will be on Monday and Wednesday morning 10:00-12:00.

Level B: IELTS>5.5

Classes will be on Monday and Wednesday afternoon 13:00-15:00.

Both levels need to do mock test on Friday 10:00-13:00.


Teacher: Debbie Rinehart

Date: 7/12-8/6

Class limit: 4-10 students

Online Plan: Same schedule but use  Google Meet to do the online class.




Level A :雅思分數低於5.5


Level B :雅思分數高於5.5




指導老師: Debbie老師

上課日期: 7/12-8/6

班級限制: 4~10人,4人以上開班

網課計畫: 上課行程相同,會使用Google Meet進行線上課程。

2021 Systems thinking online workshop 系統思考線上工作坊

This summer program will focus on developing critical thinking and systems thinking skills, culminating in a 2-hour moderated online activity between the Taiwan-based cohort and the US-based cohort.
Systems thinking asks us to focus on how the parts of a system, the components, work together to achieve a desired purpose. Let’s apply this to the system of education. What is its purpose? Is the purpose to follow our passions? Learn to problem-solve? Or to secure a high paying job? How do the different components of the education system (schools, teachers, curriculum, tests) interact to achieve its purpose? How can we build better connections between these components to achieve the desired purpose?


有鑑於全世界體制內教育缺乏系統思考的訓練,Lead For Taiwan和由Minerva校友創辦的Systems Living Lab共同規畫了一系列的系統思考工作坊,內容著重在幫助學生分析、拆解和組合系統,並且以教育制度為題目,實際應用系統思考的概念在分析教育制度。


July 26(Mon) to July 29(Thu): 4:00-5:30 PM & July 30 (Fri) 8:00-9:30 AM (Facetime with the students in USA)

VIS 2020 Summer Program 暑期課程

SAT 授課老師 - Ms. LYDIA SHEN 


VIS Summer Volunteer 

VIS 2020 Summer Programs 暑期學分課程


  1. 110 hours ESL academic prerequisite course
  2. All participating students will register for the Ontario student status in Canada, complete and pass and pass 1 Ontario high school credit
  3. Bark Lake Leader Camp
  4. Canoeing, swimming, climbing, hiking, stargazing, campfire party, overnight cabins, etc.
  5. Go to the important attractions in the UNESCO World Heritage List: Niagara Falls, Toronto CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Zoo
  6. Visit the University of Toronto, McMaster University, etc.
  7. Medieval Dinner & Wonderful Battle of Knights
  8. Watch the Toronto Blue Jays baseball game in person
  9. Talent show talent show
  10. Meet new friends from all over the world

VIS 2019 CIC Summer Programs 加拿大夥伴學校CIC暑期學分班

VIS 2019 Summer Program @ CIC 暑期學分班@夥伴學校CIC

VIS 2019 Suumer Program @ Bark Lake 暑期學分班@柏麗湖

VIS 2019 Summer Program @ Duke of Ed Silver Bark Lake 暑期學分班