How It Happens
2023 Honors Program Enjoy Reading

At the VIS, we always encourage our students to develop a reading habit and making books a natural part of their lives has always been a primary goal of ours.

Professor Jui-Chung Allen Li, Faculty Dean of the VIS Honors Program, took the students to Eslite Bookstore and a couple of other bookstores that National Taiwan University Students frequently visit for a field trip. The Honors students took the opportunity to delve into the books and share their reading experiences and joys with one another.

The VIS Honors Program has always emphasized extensive and in-depth reading. During this off-campus educational activity, the students were so engaging when selecting the books. Their enthusiasm, curiosity, and exploratory spirit were contagious. Moreover, the shared experiences of reading and recommending books to one another are precisely the "culture of reading" we strive to achieve.