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G10 Jerry Chung 同學分享訪問斯洛伐克國會議員 Miroslav Žiak

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G10 Jerry Chung 同學分享訪問斯洛伐克國會議員Miroslav Žiak, member of the NR SR for SaS 心得????

My thoughts on the interview

I was a little nervous at first, especially afraid that I’d either ask questions that are impolite or ones that aren’t clear.

And it did happen, I asked a pretty unclear question. But if I never tried to ask that question, I will never know the problem with it. Besides, the question itself is actually good.

Later MR. Ziak tell me I should be more confident, and I agree with it, being someone who lacks self-confidence. This my first experience of interviewing people I do not know, I learned a lot.

Thanks VIS for bringing me this unique experience!