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搶救土耳其及敘利亞震災兒童 手工餅乾 義賣 捐助土耳其 學生分享 VIS

近期土耳其災情嚴重VIS G11 Chloe Liu 劉家穎 同學自主發起餅乾義賣活動,在校園裡義賣手工餅乾,讓VIS同學們在品嚐美味的餅乾同時,還能為土耳其出一份力

來自G11 Chloe Liu 劉家穎同學分享:

When I first started baking, it was just for fun, and I would give away the products to my friends. However, I soon realized that I could make this hobby impactful by selling the baked goods and using the profits for a good cause. At the time, I didn't have anyone or anything specific in mind to spend the money on, so I chose a child on World Vision's website and started donating money to him monthly. The child I chose enjoys helping out and cares for his peers, so I felt he was a good match.

As some of you may know, I attend bake sales at 松菸 every month, and before the first event, the Ukraine-Russia war broke out. I decided to donate the profits from the bake sale to Ukraine, which came to a total of 6000 NTD. This was the first time I realized I could use my baking skills to help others.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, hospital workers were working nonstop, and every nurse was exhausted from giving vaccination shots. My mom's friend, a nurse in Yilan, mentioned that they didn't have the drink brand 50嵐 in Yilan, and they would drive to Taipei just to purchase them. However, due to COVID-19, they couldn't do that anymore. Luckily, another friend of my mom's is the owner of several 50嵐 shops, and I decided to collaborate with them to give out drinks to the hospital workers in Yilan. This originally was my mom’s idea. She would buy 100 of the drinks and send them to her friend’s hospital. Since she was purchasing them on her own, I decided to help out, with the money I earned from the cookies. When we drove the drinks to Yilan and distributed them, we could see the exhaustion in their eyes, and the deep prints on their faces from wearing masks for long hours. At that moment, it felt like everything was worth it. Although I was doing so little, they made it feel like I just gave them a hand, letting them catch their breaths.

Now that the COVID-19 situation has improved, I continue to bake for the child through World Vision and hold monthly bake sales. I match the cookie packages and flavors with different themes and decorations, which I find very enjoyable. For instance, in January's bake sale, I advertised my red-colored cookie, which was dyed with beetroot powder, and decorated the booth with Chinese New Year couplets. During Valentine's Day, I decorated the cookies with hearts and heart-shaped stickers on the packaging.

Recently, an earthquake in Turkey left many people without homes and in need of resources. I decided to donate this month's profits to help support them. Thanks to everyone who bought my cookies, I was able to donate 8400 NTD. I'm grateful for all of the supporters who have helped me along the way, and I plan to continue using my passion for baking to make a difference in the lives of others.