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Serendipity with a windy city 風城奇緣

#如何準備申請英國大學 #線上講座

#講座開放校外家長與同學報名 #歡迎有興趣的學生與家長參加!????


[Serendipity with a windy city 風城奇緣]

Dear parents and students,

This summer VIS invited our alumni Janet to share with us the steps of how to prepare for applying to UK universities. If you want to learn more information, sign up for the online seminar.

Janet is a Psychology student at the University of Edinburgh. If you need any advice for college counseling or want a quick chat, feel free to DM her!!


VIS邀請校友Janet暑假來為我們分享如何準備 #申請英國大學 的步驟。想要多了解申請英國大學細節,歡迎踴躍報名參加線上講座。

Janet 目前是 #愛丁堡大學心理學系 的學生。如果需要任何跟大學有關的事情或只是想聊聊,歡迎與她聯繫。

Seminar including / 講座內容包含:

1. One by one step on applying to UK universities / 英國留學申請步驟

2. How to start writing your personal statement and prepare other documents needed / 準備自傳及其他申請相關資料

3. Advice regarding applying to universities / 申請大學的建議

4. Thoughts on university after finsihing first-year / 唸完大學一年級後的感想

⭐️Time 時間: 8/10 (WED, 三) 1:30-2:30PM

⭐️Format 形式: Google meet

⭐️Sign up Link 報名連結: